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Identifying Air Conditioning Problems

Last summer, after carefully planning a family reunion for months, the worst thing in the world happened. My air conditioner died right in the middle of the night--when we had our entire family staying at our house. People were uncomfortable and grumpy because of the heat, and it was really embarrassing. Fortunately, we were able to get an HVAC contractor out to help us, and they did an awesome job fixing things fast. To prevent problems in the future, I decided that it would be smart to learn how to identify air conditioning problems. My website is all about finding the things that are wrong with your HVAC system and preventing issues.

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3 Successful Keys To Air Conditioning Maintenance For Homeowners

If you own a home, it's your job to take good care of the AC unit. Failing to do so can result in a lot of problems which aren't always cheap to fix. As such, you should get in the habit of executing the following air conditioning maintenance steps often.

Switch Out Air Filter Periodically 

The air filter that prevents dirt and debris from entering your HVAC system is not meant to last forever. It will get to a point when it's too dirty to work effectively. In this instance, you'll need to find a suitable replacement. It's recommended to change this filter every couple of months or so.

When looking for a new air filter, make sure you choose wisely. Look for a filter that has great reviews in terms of its longevity and effectiveness. You might even consider setting up a reusable filter, as it can be used multiple times before having to be replaced.

Have Ducts Cleaned Professionally 

There will be a time when your air ducts get pretty dirty. Although this seems like a minor issue, it can actually hinder cool air from getting inside your home. It can also raise your electric bills by a lot. There's an easy solution for dirty air ducts: contact an air duct cleaning company.

These companies will bring with them heavy-duty vacuums, which are powerful and designed to fit inside your narrow ducts. They'll get rid of dirt and debris that have collected inside your ducts. Then, your AC unit can work at an optimal rate again.

Have System Serviced Annually 

No matter what type of AC unit is hooked up to your home, it needs to be serviced at least once a year. Only then can you catch potential warning signs before they cost a fortune to fix. This annual service should be completed by a licensed HVAC technician.

They'll inspect all of the important components of your AC unit, including the outside unit, thermostat, air filter, coolant lines, fans, motors, and condenser coil. If there are any issues, they'll document them in a report. The technician also will highlight problems that need to be addressed right away before you're left dealing with an expensive repair.

Having an AC unit on your property is paramount, especially when it gets hot outside. However, you need to know how to maintain this unit throughout the year. Only then will it work great for a long time and without the need for costly repairs.