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Identifying Air Conditioning Problems

Last summer, after carefully planning a family reunion for months, the worst thing in the world happened. My air conditioner died right in the middle of the night--when we had our entire family staying at our house. People were uncomfortable and grumpy because of the heat, and it was really embarrassing. Fortunately, we were able to get an HVAC contractor out to help us, and they did an awesome job fixing things fast. To prevent problems in the future, I decided that it would be smart to learn how to identify air conditioning problems. My website is all about finding the things that are wrong with your HVAC system and preventing issues.

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Inspecting And Sealing Your AC Ducts

You can buy a brand new, state-of-the-art AC unit and never get the full efficiency that you are supposed to get out of it if your ducts are not running like they should. The problem with ducts is that they are constantly subjected to a cycle of heating and cooling. During the summer, they heat up with the ambient temperature until your AC kicks on, then the air running through the ducts will cool them down. Read More 

Three Tips to Help Update Your Home With a New Ductless AC System

If your home is lacking AC, ductless air conditioning may be the right solution for you. It can be installed quickly because it does not require the installation of ducts. They can also be good for small homes or even installed for a zoned system. Here are some tips to help you update your home with a new ductless AC system: 1. Choosing a System With Enough Power to Cool Your Home Read More 

3 Signs Your Air Conditioning System Needs More Freon

You depend on your air conditioning system to keep your home nice and cool during the warm summer months. But, if your system doesn't have an adequate supply of refrigerant, it isn't going to be able to do its job properly. Not only will this leave you uncomfortable and hot, but it can also cause your home to be quite humid. Low refrigerant levels can end up damaging your air conditioning system, which is why it is more important than ever that you make sure your system has what it needs to survive. Read More 

Four Tips For Winter HVAC Maintenance To Keep Your Home Comfortable

During the winter months, you may neglect a lot of the HVAC maintenance that needs to be done. This is a time of year when problems with your air conditioning can start, which is why you want to continue with a regular maintenance routine to ensure your home is comfortable all year. Some things you may want to do include cleaning the heat pump, changing filters and adding freeze protection. Here are some maintenance tips to ensure your HVAC system does not develop any problems over the winter months:  Read More 

Prepare For Summer: 3 Steps To Get Your AC Ready

When the weather's cold, your thoughts are on keeping warm. However, winter is actually the perfect time to be thinking about your air conditioner. During the summer, service technicians can get backed up fast. That means if your air conditioner goes out during a heatwave, you could be waiting several days – at least – for a service call. Instead of waiting till summer to service your AC, do a thorough maintenance check while the weather is cold. Read More